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The Virtual Mentor Project is a partnership between industry and education designed to promote career exploration at the middle and high school level and to provide information about career educational opportunities available in local high schools, technical schools, colleges and the workplace.

Quick Guide to the Virtual Mentor Website

We know you are eager to explore our website, but before you jump in, we want to let you know about some of the great new features.

Today, registered members can actually belong to a group with the same career interests. The group shares mentors who have joined as well.  You can participate in or just shadow group discussions about your career interests.

You will find a ton of other interesting features, like your own bookstore, where you can view and read career related books. In addition you can view videos about your career choice. Click below for a quick Student Guide Video. For a written guide, click here.

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Still Not Sure What To Do After High School?

Not ready or willing to go to college for four years?  There are some good alternatives for Pinellas County students at Pinellas Technical Education Centers.



Geology is Going Digital and Getting Way More Fun

Our food, water and energy is derived from the planet we walk on. And thanks to technology, we’re learning how to derive this energy more sustainably and efficiently. And one of the most unexpected results of the digital revolution is the redefined and empowered role of the geologist as sustainability guru.



Earn college credit in high school

See a list of high school courses and programs that give you both high school and college credit.

How much money do jobs pay?

See the see salaries for careers in Florida.


Give the gift of a lifetime - volunteer!

The most important hour of your week may be the one you give away. See how you can help students.

Free Online Tutoring!

The Khan Academy's library of over 2700 videos covers math, science, history, etc..  Get help at your own pace.